What does it take to build a brand?

Lee Grasby April 7, 2015

A blog by Caroline King, Group Head of Brand and Communications, Torus I’m writing this blog on the launch day of a new brand, Torus. Although we are only officially a few hours into Torus going live I’ve been awake since the early hours eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. As Group Head of Brand and […]

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Have you not been to a CommsHero event yet?

Lee Grasby March 30, 2015

a blog by John Popham Have you not been to a CommsHero event yet? If you haven’t you’ve missed out on a phenomenon. At CommsHero you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, challenged to stretch yourself, and given the confidence to push your ideas through. And it’s that last point which is most […]

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5 reasons to attend

Lee Grasby March 27, 2015

There are so many reasons why you should attend a CommsHero event. Here are just 5: 1. Meet with like-minded heroes You don’t have to work in Comms to come to CommsHero. Everyone has a marketing duty to their organisation, top down and bottom up! So everyone should have the opportunity to learn new skills […]

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You don’t have to work in Comms to be a #CommsHero

Lee Grasby November 6, 2014

A blog from Anthony Manrique, Communciations Officer at Lewisham Homes @Manrique_Comms Comms. What’s all that about then? Making things look pretty and putting on events, right? Red-penning grammatical errors, updating social media channels and face-palming at brand violations, right? Admittedly, yes, it is a little bit about that. But that’s not all of it.

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Making Your Message Shine

Lee Grasby October 22, 2014

I’ve been really lucky to have been involved in two Comms Hero events. I chaired the first and spoke at the last. Both events have a lovely feel good factor and reminded me about the wonder of Comms. I don’t need reminding about this any time of the day or night but to be in a room of people who feel the same is really up lifting.

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Why bother attending Comms Hero? Ask Rhianna

Lee Grasby October 19, 2014

  A blog written by Rhianna Campbell of Helena Partnerships. @RhiannaAtHelena Fresh from Uni, I crash land into the head office of Helena Partnerships, looking forward to my new career but feeling slightly intimidated by the world of housing. As a student, the only real experience I have of housing is scrolling through pages of properties at […]

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