) may have one good year, but the next is fraught with problems

Lee Grasby December 8, 2014

As a DUI lawyer in practice at the Law Office of Christopher W. Shelburn, PLLC in Charlotte, Chris Shelburn frequently represents defendants in DUI cases. And according to Shelburn, the burden of proof in a case where a party host is being charged with enabling a guest to drink and drive will be quite high.. […]

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He says: “People talk about mid life crisis

Lee Grasby

first visit to the stampede reveals what calgarians are all about moncler sale outlet The other ones are easy moncler outlet ny to spot. The 1 5 record against Ohio State and Michigan State. The spring break trips. The very least have someone do an inspection to see whether or not they are in the […]

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Do you think that’s something kids need to learn more than

Lee Grasby December 7, 2014

Too often corporations disappoint us with their lack of environmental concern or disingenuous green washing. In my recent research, however, I have found one global retailer standing tall above the corporate crowd. For the record, I’m not trying to sell you anything. Replica Bags You can easily craft a delicious meal of fruit, cheese, deli […]

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16th April 2012Quote: “Look what I found

Lee Grasby December 6, 2014

Become a secret Santa for your favorite animals through the Zoo’s Wild Wish Tree. This holiday, Zoo fans have an opportunity to enrich the lives of the animals at the Zoo by purchasing gifts from the Wild Wish Tree. Located in the Guest Relations office in the Global Plaza, the Wild Wish Tree displays ornaments […]

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Here a quickie profile of the leading contenders

Lee Grasby December 5, 2014

The musician said she was “stunned” to hear her youngest child matter of factly tell a friend that he doesn’t have a father. “It was not exactly the way I thought my life was going to be,” she shared. “You know, I’m from a family where my parents are still married and close, and they […]

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Thousands of students packed Broughdale Avenue on Saturday in

Lee Grasby December 1, 2014

canadian goose jacket Sometimes my friends will take a picture of me without my knowledge to send as a streak and I won’t know until the receiver shows me. It reminds me of that model who made fun of the overweight lady at the gym by taking her picture and spreading it around. Why? What […]

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