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a blog by Amanda Coleman, Speaker at CommsHero, Manchester

It is just a week until the Commshero event takes place in Manchester and I am honoured to have been asked to take part. I must admit to being a bit concerned about the format as it seems far from your run of the mill communication conference, and as I haven’t been to one before I am not sure what to expect. There are some big names in communication who are involved in the event and I am probably starting to feel the pressure to deliver on the day.

What is clear is that it appears to be a lively event focused around knowledge sharing and networking. That is something I can wholeheartedly support. Communication professionals don’t take enough time in an increasingly stretched and busy world to step back and reassess things. They rush from one thing to another and are so focused on delivering that they can become isolated if they work in-house or distant if they are in an agency.

Learning is an incredibly important part of daily life and I am hugely supportive of all communication professionals undertaking some form of continuous professional development. It is essential if we are to be able to provide the best possible service to whoever we are working to support. I know that every time communicators get together they end up sharing information, knowledge and tips. People go away with new friends and connections that they will be happy to help in the future. A conference that focuses on this sharing, interaction and support has to be applauded.

The interesting approach of Commshero seems to appeal to the creativity within communicators.

Bringing out creativity and new ways of thinking is another essential for communication professionals. Communication at the heart is about problem solving, being faced with an issue and then finding a way of dealing with it. The ways we can do this can be different, unusual and innovative. We just need to keep seeing those opportunities when we are in the daily grind of work.

I hope to see a few friendly faces at the Commshero event on 13 May in Manchester and I will provide a follow-up blog about the experience. Time for me think about learning and to gather my inner creativity ready unleash my inner hero.