A blog by Lee Grasby, Marketing Manager at Resource & Co-Founder of CommsHero

We’re now on the cusp of our fifth ‘award winning’ CommsHero event. Quite a feat when you think that it was an idea born out of a conversation on a train journey to London. By the time we returned the brand had been established, a strategy was in place and within two months we’d filled 80 places for the inaugural event at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester.

Of course such a thing doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes a great team of people to make it happen, in this case resource, because everything about CommsHero (with the exception of the speakers) has been delivered in house. We identified a gap in the conference market. People were delivering the same format, the cost of a ticket was upwards of £250 and it was questionable what you actually took away in terms of knowledge that you could apply in your day job.

Anyway, on to my point. At every CommsHero event, without exception, people have said

“I wish my Chief Exec was here”

or “my Line Manager”. Basically the feeling is that CommsHero is a great opportunity for those who don’t work in Comms or Marketing to appreciate the cool stuff that can really help to shape your business. Sometimes it takes top level decisions to influence changes for the better and I guess that by having the people there who can make those decisions really helps.

But that’s not all. For any curious Chief Exec who’s thinking of attending they can expect to experience a day like no other. It’s a fast-paced, interactive day of learning, sharing, participating and taking away techniques that will help you in your day job and to appreciate the challenges and opportunities faced by those who work in Comms across the many channels we often take for granted.

So tell your Chief Exec to keep Wednesday 13th May free because they won’t regret it.