Having kicked around comms, engagement and marketing teams for a while now, CommsHero has always been one of those things that has cropped up in my timeline that looked like fun but personally I never really had the opportunity to explore it further (makes you wonder what I’ve been up to all these years).

Then I had the privilege of joining The Wrekin Housing Group to head up Communications and Marketing. From day one (actually it was before then), the team have waxed lyrical about CommsHero, the ethos, what it stands for and what engaging and creative sessions there are during the conferences. Then the Resource guys came down for a chat, and of course to share some red sparkly clad stash. I’m totally sold on the concept so I’ve been asked to share why I think it’s important as many of you as possible get involved.  

So why has a CommsHero virgin committed to taking the whole team along for the day?

There are five reasons which you’ll already know if you’ve watched the vlog:

  • First and foremost I think it’s really important that, as comms and marketing professionals providing a central creative service in our organisations, we constantly look forward for fresh ideas and inspiration. I’m really looking forward to some networking and to hearing about and sharing some of the trials and tribulations of happenings in the marketing office.
  • I’ve been promised some awesome interactive creative sessions. So let’s get creative, get out of our comfort zones, test some ideas and dare to fail.
  • Those who’ve seen the vlog will have noticed what a masterclass in product placement it is….. and we all know that brands love product placement. I’m always excited to hear from well-known brands. CommsHero 2019 does not disappoint here. Yorkshire Tea and Innocent are both on the menu (literally, I hope).
  • You’ll hear from leading lights from across the worlds of comms and marketing. It’s always great to be in a room, gleaning as much information as possible from these people.  
  • Then we come to the theme: Authenticity. We’re in a housing and public sector comms world at the moment where there is so much focus on openness and transparency and to deliver on this in an engaging way it requires authenticity.  

And if all that wasn’t enough I’m promised that there will be real life unicorns and plenty of dunking, so what’s not to like? So Team Wrekin will be representin’ at CommsHero 2019 – I hope you will too.

See you in Manchester on June 6th (the day before my birthday).