So Comms Hero week 2020 just happened. What a virtual event! It takes grit, creativity and a lot of hard work to create a successful online event that almost the entire comms community looks forward to. But Asif and his team sure know how to throw a comms party and the event has become one my highlights this year.

It was an inspiring, intriguing and informative week. There was much to LEARN from a stellar line-up of 50 industry experts sharing their incredible experiences and insights. Swapping tips and tricks and absorbing many new disruptive ideas over 35 live sessions and panel debates – there was no dearth of opportunities to CONNECT with peers and experts.

Flashback to March 2020 where many people had to cancel or postpone face to face events worried about how and when they’d ever get people together in the ‘real world’. With a flawless execution, Asif and team have certainly set the bar high for virtual events and Comms Hero Week felt like anything but not the real world – it opened the door to a greater sense of camaraderie as a community. Each day of the week had a shared window into a speaker and other peers’ homes. At times we waved at their kids and pets sometimes showing off our own. There were laughs and child-like moans and competition to grab those coveted Sharpies and Krispy Kremes. It showed us all as real people. There were no canapes being savoured,  business cards handed or handshakes exchanged around the room – but there were many moments to savour where we just connected to better understand and share each other’s challenges, experiences and perspectives over the last many unprecedented months.

For me, the Comms Hero week was a one of its kind lived experience in 2020 of how as a comms industry we’ve truly shown our colours and have a stellar DNA of traits – traits of empathy, support and care for each other and when needed unite together as Comms Heroes.

Well, too bad if you’re suffering with FOMO now- there’s always 2021 to look forward to! But there’s another quicker option. If you ask Asif and team nicely, they might give you options on how to view the on-demand sessions. Or if you’re ready to impress with 25 press-ups for 30 days, all for a good cause, they may consider too.  If all this fails, try tempting them with Krispy Kremes.

And those who’ve just about recovered from the withdrawal symptoms of Comms Hero week, including me – don’t forget to login those CPD points ‘cause that’s how we roll !

Shalini Gupta

Leadership and CEO Comms Manager BT