CommsHero Week 2020 – the week when…  

1 amazing network came together for 

5 engaging days, comprising

35 inspiring sessions, delivered by

55 awesome speakers to

100+ CommsHeroes, who logged/notched up

175 CPD points, while dunking (probably)

1000 biscuits into (probably)

2000 cups of tea and creating

530.9k impressions

Billed as `a virtual event with a stellar line up’ CommsHero Week 2020 certainly lived up to the hype, and while the stats speak for themselves its the feels that it created that matter most, and there’s been a whole lot of love for this event on Twitter!

Uniting the community at this difficult time, providing each and every member with an opportunity to be part of something bigger than the day job, to think outside the box (and to win a bumper pack of sharpies) was priceless.  It certainly provided me with the lift that I needed, so much so I felt compelled to write a wee note to thank Asif and the team at We Are Resource for pulling it together and to jot down my top 15 takeaways:

  1. Drive forward your company’s commitment to putting disability inclusion on the boardroom agenda – become a member of the Valuable 500 if you’re not already #JustAskDontGrab  #DisabilityTwitter
  2. Follow @MediaJake’s top 9 tips for PRs when looking to add `Influencer marketing’ to your mix, and work only with individuals who share your brand values to create authentic, meaningful and compelling campaigns.  @influencersinthewild provides great examples of who not to work with, and Social Dilemma (currently streaming on Netflix) reasons why not to do it 🙂
  3. In the words of a fellow Superhero `with great power, comes great responsibility’ and those who want `a seat at the table’ need to sit down with caution.  In the absence of `spidey-sense’ make sure you do your research, and go armed with data and not opinions. Sound scary?? Don’t worry…
  4. `Being in the room’ can be just as powerful (and a little less stressful), 121 access to leaders is the key to success when adopting this tactical approach.
  5. When it comes to internal comms, content is king! Whatever’s happening record it then repurpose it, refashion it, upcycle it, pimp it!
  6. Don’t be afraid to `make yourself a little bit famous’ – start by recording short videos and employing @PennyHaslam’s FACE planner to make sure you never make another titanic-dote 🙂
  7. Use the platforms you’re most comfortable with to let your personality shine – Be brave, be bold, be you!
  8. #Itsoknottobeok #shareyourshit #bekind #donttroll
  9. Adopt agile ways of working before a crisis hits.  This will not only provide members of the team with development opportunities but mean you’re much more flexible and able to deal with a crisis #pacenotperfection
  10. Make positive changes to your approach to diversity and inclusion by taking the DRIVEN Pledge – the output of a collaborative brainstorming session at this year’s PR Fest
  11. Don’t be a corporate tosser – be edgy and make people smile when developing campaigns encouraging the public to change their behaviour.
  12. Explore SCARF – David Rock’s brain based model for collaborating with and influencing others. Both @Chuckgose and @grantleboff are fans of it!
  13. Overcome imposter syndrome by making 2021 – The Year of Yes!
  14. Exercise is as good for your mental health as it is your physical health said @fitwithfrank, encouraging everyone to `walk the talk’ and hold meetings outdoors like our pals at Center Parcs…
  15. Apply the 30 v 60 v 90 day plan approach to my `to do list’ NOW!

Asif and team should be so proud of what they achieved – a truly fantastic week, brilliantly executed online and without any zoom fatigue at all.  Let’s keep the conversations going and with the dates for next year’s #CommsHero event announced, have you reserved your place yet?

Cassie Webster

Corporate Communications Manager for Greggs