Things that you do when you visit the seaside:

  1. Walk on the beach
  2. Build sand castles
  3. Fly a kite
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Play frisbee

Or alternatively, sit in front of a computer and take part in #CommsHero week 2020.

Now, this might not sound like a well-considered plan, but I had been stuck at home for weeks on end and needed a change of scene. It just so happened that my visit to Lytham St Anne’s coincided the opportunity to attend #CommHero week and you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. So, why not combine the two?

So, sitting in my holiday accommodation (a very nice apartment, so no hardship) I found myself embarking on a new experience – a smorgasbord of online sessions from which to choose.

Now, I had recently written an article about feeling ‘Zoomed out’ and how it was important to be selective around attending webinars so I spent time considering which of the sessions would be of most value or which had such kerb appeal that I simply couldn’t ignore them.

Mostly, this strategy paid-off but I must admit that as one session led to another, I was frequently tempted lured into another fascinating presentation or debate.

There were some corking sessions – a delightful combination of presentation styles and content, some topical, intense and thought-provoking, others laugh out loud and entertaining. I do hope that next year the ‘F**kit Bucket’ makes it on to a T-shirt!

The Fit with Frank yoga sessions alleviated the ‘numb bum’ feeling caused by too many hours sitting in front of the laptop and I looked forward to the lunchtime sessions with my mat at the ready.

Like many others, I developed Sharpie envy. As the days rolled by, I failed to capture the fluorescent jewels and I have subsequently found myself standing in Ryman’s ogling the objects of my competitive desire.

My #pethero got a mention on the first slide of the weekly round-up – a photo of @RufusKingCav wearing his beach sunglasses (well, it can get windy out on the sands), looking every inch the superhero.

And at the end of each day, I got to walk on the beach, enjoy the final hours of sunshine (well at least on three of the days), take some exercise and headspace, and enjoy the company of my husband and four-legged friend.

Time and tide wait for no man (or woman) so when you get the chance to attend #CommsHero week take part – come out of your shell and roll with the tide.

Alison Gallagher-Hughes

Director, Tillymint Communications