We Are Resource and CIPR’s live event ‘Who Runs the World’ gathered together five of the most respected names in the communications industry – former CIPR presidents Sarah Waddington CBE, Emma Leech, Jenni Field and Mandy Pearse and current President Rachel Roberts for a discussion about their experiences and advice to fellow communications professionals.

With collective experience in both agency and in-house and across the private, public and charity sectors we chatted about everything from what they were most proud of, to what they would do differently if they had their time again! Our panel answered questions relating to the important matters for our industry such as being truly inclusive and diverse and representing our stakeholders.

If you missed it is a much watch, the hour flew by!

Words by Naomi Jones, Communications and Marketing Director for SUEZ and Who Run’s the World panel host.

For the best experience, watch the panel on We Are Resource’s virtual event platform HERE.

If you would prefer to just listen, use the podcast link here: