If it has #CommsHero in the copy, you’ll be sure to find me nearby trying to get in on the fabulous antics of the heroes within this industry as the feeling of FOMO just isn’t an option, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to Ramadan.

Ramadan isn’t something I have much knowledge on, so I was really keen to get involved with the introduction of #CommsHeroRamadan in 2022 (there really is no limit to what those cape wearing heroes can teach us!) and learn a little more! Throughout the entire day, there was a real community buzz on socials whilst Asif, Nafisa and Nadia kindly took the time to educate us on how we could also support during this time of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community; something all three of them created perfectly on social media.

I initially thought the only way I could support was to take part in the fasting, but I was so wrong. #CommsHero provided an extensive list of how we could get involved and observe if we chose to, including organising a charity event, volunteering, sharing information, or even just giving up snacks for the day! I opted to take this opportunity to donate to Wiltshire Air Ambulance, a charity close to my heart after sadly losing my brother-in-law to a motorbike accident just weeks before, and this felt like the perfect opportunity to take time to reflect and involve myself within a positive community atmosphere, exactly what #CommsHeroRamadan created, and they may not even know just how much they help people behind the scenes!

If this is of interest, this is your sign, from me to you, to immerse yourself within the #CommsHero community and take the time to learn a little about Ramadan and also understand the benefits of taking time to reflect on how things are and how you feel. You’ll be sure to come away from the day with a real buzz from being involved with such an awesome bunch

By Cheryl Gibbens

Digital Marketing Manager, Aster Sales

Twitter: @Cheryl_aster

LinkedIn: Cheryl Gibbens