With over 1.8 billion Muslims around the world, there’s a good chance that you – or a friend, a co-worker, a neighbour, or a fellow #CommsHero — will be celebrating, fasting, and doing all sorts of other activities that are unique to Ramadan.

But ever wondered what it’s like to observe Ramadan? Well, fellow Comms Heroes, now’s your chance!

On Wednesday 29 March, we are organising #CommsHeroRamadan – a day where we can all come together and experience the joys of Ramadan, understand how Muslims across the world feel and celebrate the diversity of our Comms Hero community.

How do I get involved with #CommsHeroRamadan?

Fasting from dawn [05:10 am] to sunset [07:40 pm] on Wednesday 29 March is one way you can get involved, but fret not…it’s not the only way. Here’s some other things you can do:

  1. Give up tea, coffee, biscuits, chocolate or crisps for the day
  2. Skip a meal and donate the money you saved
  3. Organise a cake sale, charity dinner or iftar (sunset meal to break a fast)
  4. Volunteer at a food bank or charity in your area
  5. Organise a food collection in your community or place of work
  6. Make a donation to a charity or food bank of your choice
  7. Share information about Ramadan with your colleagues and networks
  8. Start a conversation with your colleagues and fellow #CommsHero community to learn about what the month means to them
  9. Show your support on social media using #CommsHeroRamadan and image below

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What do I do if I want to fast on the day?

You’re welcome to fast for the full day, but do consider your personal circumstances when deciding. If you choose to fast on Wednesday 29 March, the fast begins at 05:10am and ends at 07:40pm.

If fasting for the day is too much for you, you can join in by keeping a half fast, meaning you’ll fast for the morning or afternoon only, or give up food and continue to drink water throughout the day.

Either way, the choice is yours, and the Muslim Council of Britain has some useful guidance to help you prepare.

Tell us how you’re getting involved…

Share pictures, videos, gifs or words using #CommsHeroRamadan to let us know how you’re getting involved on Wednesday 29 March, and how you’re doing on the day.

Here is a useful guide to follow for those communicating about Ramadan that Ash Ahmad has created, read more here.

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