9:00 - Registration
9:30 - Helen Reynolds Welcome from #CommsHero Chair
10:00 - Grant Leboff Read More

Is the need for Authenticity fake

Authenticity is one of the current buzzwords in marketing, but is it real? Do organisations have to be authentic to succeed? What is driving the agenda for companies to make their communications reflect reality? Is that what people want? Surely marketing communications has always been about aspiration? In this talk Grant Leboff will uncover the myths and lies about authenticity and get to the heart of what really matters.

10:45 - Break
11:00 - Yorkshire Tea Sam Ward & Gina Stringer Read More

Where everything’s done proper!

How Yorkshire Tea became one of Britain’s most loved brands, properly.

12:00 - Asif Choudry Read More

How Dare You!

2019 is the 5th anniversary of the #CommsHero brand. In this session, Asif will share the story of how this brand started as a one-off experiment to demonstrate what you can achieve when you #DareToFail Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, if you work in comms and marketing Asif believes there is a #CommsHero in us all and it was about time everyone celebrated the heroics they perform every day. CEOs, Execs, Directors and the like needed to recognise that having a #CommsHero team is for life, not just for a crisis.

12:30 - Lunch
13:30 - Greggs Ian White & Fiona Mills Read More

Keeping it real for 80 years

How the Greggs brand has remained relevant by staying true to its roots.
In this keynote, Fiona and Ian will discuss the journey Greggs are on and how, by finding an authentic tone of voice and personality across their channels, this has helped deliver the success of the brand and the business in its 80th year.

14:30 - Yorkshire Wildlife Park Liam Smith Read More

We’re all people. We’re complicated.

We aspire to watch more foreign-language films and go to more museums, but mostly enjoy eating crisps and binging on old episodes of Great British Bake Off on Netflix.
At Comms Hero on 6th June, Liam is going to show you that by allowing this simple humanity to shine - being true to yourself, trusting your gut and allowing yourself to be human on social media - you can achieve amazing results in your company’s digital marketing.
Liam knows from experience that it works, and after a whirlwind couple of years of continually pushing the boundaries, he can’t wait to show you all what he’s learned.

15:00 - Break
15:15 - Helena Langdon formerly Innocent Read More

How to talk to people on the internet.

Helena’s keynote explains how innocent has formed a genuine two-way relationship with the people who buy their drinks, both in the physical and digital world. Helena will illustrate how a willingness to communicate openly and naturally with people has proved invaluable to innocent’s digital success, and will offer practical tips to help you get the most out of your online presence. She might also bring a bag of free smoothies with her, so it’s worth coming along for that if nothing else.

16:15 - Helen Reynolds Closing Summary.
16:30 - Conference closes You're invited to join us for drinks until 17:30