The commsHERO Awards celebrate individuals and teams in the marketing community who have demonstrated innovation and excellence across the communications sector. This year’s award ceremony is set to be another unmissable event in 2024’s marketing calendar and will take place as part of the in-person conference in Leeds on 17th October! Get your entries in before Monday 17th June 09:00.

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2024 Award categories

Champion In Sustainability

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

Are you leading the charge as a sustainability pioneer, dedicated to integrating eco-conscious practices into every aspect of your work? As commsHEROES, it’s our duty to advocate for sustainability, not only for our businesses and customers but for the greater good of our planet. This prestigious award seeks to honor individuals who champion sustainability, showcasing innovation, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices at the core of their projects. 

This award spotlights action-oriented individuals who have made sustainability a central focus in their marketing endeavors. Whether through groundbreaking initiatives or incremental changes, we’re seeking stories that exemplify best practices in sustainability, inspiring fellow commsHEROES to follow suit. 

To craft a compelling nomination, consider the following criteria: 

🌱 Share insights into the nominee’s unwavering commitment to promoting environmental sustainability within the marketing field.  

🌱 Highlight innovative and creative approaches to seamlessly integrate sustainability into marketing campaigns and initiatives.  

🌱 Provide evidence of tangible and measurable results achieved in terms of environmental and social sustainability.  

🌱 Illustrate how the nominee fosters collaboration and forges partnerships with stakeholders to drive collective action toward sustainability goals.  

🌱 Explain how the nominee upholds ethical marketing practices, avoids greenwashing, and prioritises transparent and honest communication with customers and stakeholders. 

Let’s celebrate the pioneers of sustainability who lead by example, demonstrating that through conscious efforts, we can create a brighter, greener future for all.

The Middle Aisle Award

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

Are you tired of social media’s negative reputation? Here’s your chance to spotlight the positive and flip the script. 

The Middle Aisle Award celebrates those exceptional social media interactions that truly connect and engage your community. Whether it’s a moment that sparks laughter or a conversation that tugs at the heartstrings, we want to see how you bring the human touch to social media. 

To craft an award-winning entry, consider the following: 

👥 Explain how this interaction helped strengthen your community. Did it drive high engagement or attract new followers to your organisation?  

💬 If the interaction involves a customer query, share how you addressed their needs while providing a seamless online experience.  

🌍 Describe whether this interaction raised awareness about a sensitive issue.  

🌟 Did the interaction transform a serial complainer into a devoted fan of your organisation? 

Let’s shine a spotlight on those social media moments that break barriers, foster connections, and showcase the power of authentic engagement. It’s time to celebrate the bright spots in our digital landscape with The Middle Aisle Award. 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Hero

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

Are you or someone you know championing the cause of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) within the realm of communications? This award recognises the heroes who are driving tangible, measurable progress in these critical areas. Whether through transformative initiatives, impactful advocacy, or quiet yet profound actions, we want to hear about your commitment to advancing EDI. 

We’re seeking individuals who not only talk the talk but walk the walk, positively influencing their organisations and the broader community. From changemakers leading public-facing efforts to behind-the-scenes heroes effecting change in their own unique ways, this award celebrates actions that make a difference. 

To craft a compelling nomination, consider the following: 

🌈 Detail measurable actions taken to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion within communications.  

🌈 Illustrate how the nominee positively influences others and leads change within their organisation.  

🌈 Describe how the nominee considers multiple perspectives and factors in their initiatives, embracing inclusivity.  

🌈 Share the positive outcomes and measurable impacts achieved through their actions.  

🌈 Highlight collaborative efforts with diverse stakeholders to drive EDI initiatives forward. 

Let’s honor those who embody the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion, recognising their commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

All the Feels

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

Do you have a strategy or campaign that left your audience feeling an emotional whirlwind? This award celebrates those impactful initiatives that resonated deeply with audiences, evoking a range of heartfelt emotions. 

We’re seeking campaigns that have left a lasting imprint on hearts and minds, driving meaningful engagement and even inspiring behavior change. Whether it’s a tear-jerking story, a heartwarming moment, or an uplifting message, we want to hear how your organisation touched the hearts of your audience. 

To craft a winning nomination, consider the following: 

💖 Describe how your strategy or campaign captured the hearts and minds of your audience.  

💖 Did you observe any noticeable behavior changes before and after implementing this strategy or campaign?  

💖 Share the tactics used to engage your customers or audience on an emotional level. 

💖 Provide feedback or quotes from your customers to support the impact of your submission. 

 💖 Offer insights into what others can learn from your approach to evoke similar emotional responses from their audience.

Let’s celebrate the power of emotional storytelling and connection, recognising those campaigns that truly made audiences feel ‘all the feels.’ 💛 

Gen-Z Super Star

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

Are you aware of a rising star under the age of 25 making waves in the field of communications? This award celebrates individuals who have not only excelled in their chosen profession but have also made a significant impact through their leadership, initiative, and innovative thinking. 

Nominees for the Gen-Z Super Star Award demonstrate exceptional abilities and presence, contributing to projects, launches, activities, or programs that leave a lasting impression. They inspire, motivate, and uplift their colleagues, creating a positive and inclusive environment wherever they go. 

To craft a winning nomination, consider the following: 

🌟 Share their story: Describe the outstanding work they’ve done and the impact it has had. Highlight specific projects, campaigns, or stories that showcase their exceptional abilities and energy. 

🌟 Show their magic: Explain how they inspire and uplift others. Share anecdotes or examples of how they create a positive and inclusive environment, motivating their colleagues to excel. 

🌟 Embrace their unique qualities: Discuss how they embody the qualities of a true Gen-Z superstar. Are they courageous in tackling challenges? Do they bring creativity, clarity, and innovation to their communication? Highlight their kindness, creativity, leadership, or sense of humor. 

🌟 Paint a vivid picture: Provide examples, photos, metrics, and testimonials to illustrate their impact. Show with stories and visuals how their contributions have made a difference and why they stand out from the crowd. 

Let’s celebrate the bright young minds shaping the future of communications with their talent, passion, and innovative spirit. 🚀

The Comms Unicorn of the Year

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

Do you know a comms professional who brings a touch of pure magic to the office? In partnership with Comms Creatives, we’re on the hunt for those exceptional individuals who infuse their work with talent, passion, and a creative sparkle. 

The Comms Unicorn of the Year Award seeks to celebrate those remarkable individuals who not only excel in their professional endeavors but also radiate positivity and inspiration to everyone around them. 

Whether they’re leading groundbreaking projects, overcoming challenges with ingenuity, or transforming a brand’s reputation through innovative thinking, we want to hear their story. This award isn’t about titles or credentials; it’s about recognising the true gems in the comms industry who consistently dazzle and uplift those they encounter. 

To craft a winning nomination, consider the following: 

🌈 Share their story: Describe the outstanding work they’ve accomplished and the profound impact it has had. Highlight specific projects, campaigns, or anecdotes that exemplify their exceptional abilities and magnetic presence. Make the judges feel the brilliance and energy they bring to their work. 

✨ Show their magic: Explain how they uplift and inspire others. Do they foster a culture of creativity and collaboration? Share examples of how they create a positive and inclusive environment, lifting the spirits of their colleagues along the way. 

🦄 Embrace their unique qualities: Discuss how they embody the essence of a true Comms Unicorn. Are they fearless in the face of challenges? Do they infuse their communication with creativity and clarity? Highlight their kindness, creativity, leadership, or sense of humor that sets them apart from the rest. 

🎨 Paint a vivid picture: Provide concrete examples, testimonials, and visual aids to illustrate their impact. Share stories, metrics, and screenshots that showcase how their contributions have made a tangible difference and why they shine brightly in the comms landscape.  
Let’s celebrate those rare individuals who bring a touch of magic to the world of communications, illuminating the path with their creativity, passion, and positivity.

You Don’t Have to Work in Comms to be a commsHERO

This award is open to nominate a member of your organisation/the CommsHero community who doesn’t work directly in comms/PR/marketing who always supports the work of the communications department.  

This could be someone who is a huge employee advocate that always engages with internal communications/the organisation’s social media accounts, someone who volunteers at internal events or someone from the finance department that always approves your communications budget without any questions asked! 

To craft a winning award entry, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Tell us about the individual (name, job title, organisation) 
  • What have they done/are doing that deserves recognition? Tell us their story. 
  • Explain how they have positively impacted a campaign/event/general day to do work
Dare To Fail – The Amanda Bate Award

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

In memory of the late Amanda Bate, a courageous communications professional who epitomized the spirit of daring greatly, we celebrate those who embrace the mantra of “Dare to Fail.” Amanda’s fearless moment during the CommsHero event in 2019 serves as a beacon of inspiration for all who aspire to step out of their comfort zones and seize opportunities for growth. 

“It was a big moment and one that I will remember for many years to come” – Amanda’s friend. 

This award honors individuals who, like Amanda, have dared to challenge themselves, confronting fear and uncertainty head-on to achieve remarkable success. Whether it’s stepping onto a stage to speak before a crowd or presenting an innovative idea to C-suite executives, we want to hear about moments where individuals dared greatly and triumphed. 

To craft a winning nomination, consider the following: 

🌟 Introduce the individual: Provide insights into their key roles and responsibilities within their job, highlighting their contributions to the field of communications. 

🌟 Explain their dare to fail moment: Share the story behind their courageous act, detailing how they stepped out of their comfort zone and embraced the unknown. What motivated them to take this bold step? 

🌟 Prove the success of the moment: Illustrate the positive outcomes resulting from their daring endeavor. How did this moment contribute to their personal or professional growth? Share tangible examples of how their bravery has led to success. 

🌟 Summarise the impact: In a few words, convey why it’s essential for others to embrace their own dare to fail moments. Highlight the transformative power of facing challenges with courage and resilience. 
Let’s honour those who dare to dream, dare to act, and dare to fail – for they are the true champions of growth and innovation. 

Unsung Hero – The John Popham Award

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

This award is in memory of the late John Popham. A passionate communications professional that went above and beyond in all aspects of his work and was a dedicated #CommsHero. John always went out of his way to support the community and others within the communications industry. He would often volunteer to help at CommsHero events and never wanted anything in return. He truly loved his career and was an incredibly kind soul that will forever be missed. 

Here is a video of John, taken from one of the very first CommsHero events: 

For this award, we’re looking for individuals who like John, go above and beyond within their communications/marketing/PR career to support others and are a general joy to be around. We’re looking for people who do all this off their own back, and never look for anything in return. A real unsung hero.  

To craft a winning award entry, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Tell us about the individual, what are their key roles and responsibilities within their job? 
  • Please supply examples of when they have gone above and beyond 
  • Any other information about the individual you would like to share to support the submission. 
  • Tell us why they deserve this award. 
Fearless Trailblazer – The Sandra Barber Award

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

In memory of the late Sandra Barber, a trailblazing leader whose unwavering dedication and forward-thinking approach to communications and people management left an indelible mark on all who had the privilege to know her. Sandra’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming Head of Comms at Honeycomb serves as a testament to her determination, intelligence, and inspiring leadership. 

“She was ahead of her time in her thinking and approach to comms and people management. She was super bright, caring, and an encouraging and inspirational leader.” – Sandra’s colleague. 

This award seeks to honor inspirational leaders and mentors who, like Sandra, embody the qualities of innovation, forward thinking, and compassionate leadership. We’re looking for individuals who have made a positive impact on the careers of others, guiding and nurturing them to reach new heights. 

To craft a winning nomination, consider the following: 

🌟 Introduce the individual: Provide insights into their key roles and responsibilities within their job, highlighting their leadership achievements and contributions to the field of communications. 

🌟 Describe their impact on your career: Share personal anecdotes or examples of how the nominee has positively influenced your professional growth and development. 

🌟 Highlight their innovation and forward-thinking nature: Provide specific instances where the nominee has demonstrated innovative approaches to leadership, whether in implementing new ideas, embracing emerging trends, or fostering a culture of innovation within their team. 

🌟 Discuss their qualities as a leader/mentor: Emphasise the qualities that make the nominee an exceptional leader and mentor, such as their intelligence, compassion, encouragement, and ability to inspire others to excel. 

Let’s celebrate those fearless trailblazers who, like Sandra Barber, lead with vision, passion, and a commitment to empowering others to succeed.

You can nominate a colleague – or enter yourself.

The Last award celebrates the remarkable superpowers of communication professionals in their reactive communication campaigns. In a world that moves at supersonic speed, these commsHEROES face unexpected events or emerging trends demanding immediate and strategic responses. 

This category recognises individuals, teams, or organisations displaying remarkable agility and resourcefulness, harnessing their commsHERO abilities to craft and execute reactive communication campaigns. 

The Last award is a shining beacon, highlighting the extraordinary efforts of commsHEROES who fearlessly transform unexpected situations into opportunities for communication excellence. 

To craft a winning nomination, consider the following: 

🚀 Demonstrate lightning-fast thinking and adaptability to unforeseen circumstances. Whether facing a crisis, tackling a viral social media trend, or navigating sudden changes in public opinion, showcase how you utilised your communication powers to deliver impactful messaging. 

🔍 Provide an account of your reactive campaign, detailing challenges faced, ingenious solutions devised, and triumphant outcomes achieved. Judges will seek evidence of strategic thinking, effective decision-making under pressure, innovative messaging approaches, and the ability to forge instant connections with the target audience. 

Let’s celebrate the ultimate masters of reactive communication, inspiring commsHEROES everywhere with their swift and strategic responses to any communication challenge. 🌟 

New for 2024

commsHERO Leader

Are you leading the charge in the dynamic world of communications? We want to celebrate YOU – the visionary leaders shaping the industry with your outstanding leadership, innovation, and dedication. 

This prestigious award honours individuals in Managerial, Director or Head of department roles, who exemplify excellence in communications leadership. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rising star, if you’ve demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, this is your moment to shine. 

What should your submission include? Highlight your impactful leadership through examples of: 

🚀 Leading transformative campaigns or projects that made a real difference. 

🤝 Fostering team cohesion and empowerment through effective communication and collaboration. 

🌱 Mentoring and developing talent within your team, nurturing the next generation of communicators. 

🔑 Overcoming challenges with resilience, creativity, and strategic thinking. 

Whether you’ve navigated through crises, spearheaded innovative initiatives, or inspired your team to new heights, we want to hear your story. 

Don’t wait for recognition – seize the opportunity to showcase your leadership prowess or nominate a commsHERO leader who has made a significant impact. Together, let’s celebrate the leaders who are shaping the future of communications.

commsHERO Team of the Year

Are you part of an exceptional comms, marketing, or PR team that embodies the spirit of collaboration, support, and excellence? This award honours the collective efforts of teams within in-house departments, showcasing their outstanding achievements and impactful results. 

We’re seeking teams that demonstrate: 

🤝 Seamless collaboration on projects, where every member plays a vital role in achieving success. 

🌟 A culture of support and mentorship, where team members uplift and empower each other to reach new heights. 

🎯 Consistently producing exceptional work that delivers impactful results and drives the organization forward. 

🚀 Recognition and promotions within the department, showcasing the team’s growth and contribution to the company’s success. 

If your team embodies these qualities and has made a significant impact in the field of communications, marketing, or PR, now is the time to shine a spotlight on your collective achievements. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the outstanding teamwork and dedication that sets your department apart. Submit your nomination or share your team’s success story today! Together, let’s honour the commsHERO teams shaping the future of our industry. 

Key Dates

  • Extended entry deadline – Monday 17th June
  • Judging commences – Monday 24th June
  • Shortlist announced – Monday 15th July
  • Awards ceremony – Thursday 17th October

Award Submission Process

We’ve kept the award submission process as simple as possible, this is to ensure everyone has an equal chance, no matter the experience you have. To submit your application, simply send your submission form to  

Please read the terms and conditions here before submitting your award. 

Download submission form

Submission Rules
  • All entries should be no longer than 1500 words 
  • Only work/individuals from in-house teams will be accepted. 
  • Please use Arial, font size 12 in your submission 
  • Use links to examples where applicable 
  • Any work completed during 01 January 2023 – 01 April 2024 will be accepted

commsHERO Awards 2023 Gallery

2023 Winners

• Champion In Sustainability – Nadia Khan
• Gen-Z Super Star – Cara Crotty
• Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Hero – Anna Dilku
• All the Feels – Keech Hospice Care
• The Comms Unicorn of the Year – Charlotte Mcintyre
• The Middle Aisle Award – Milton Keynes University Hospital Trust NHS FT
• You Don’t Have to Work in Comms to be a commsHERO – Jacob Perry
• Dare To Fail – The Amanda Bate Award – Amy Walker
• Unsung Hero – The John Popham Award – Leanne Hughes
• Fearless Trailblazer – The Sandra Barber Award – Emma Lyons
• – Counter Terrorism Policing