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Lee Grasby October 12, 2014

A blog about the #CommsHero experience, London 21st October – Julie Humphreys, Head of Communications, Origin Housing @Jules_humphreys

So, the London Comms Hero event. I went with high expectations. I’d seen the photos and videos on twitter, heard about a song, which scared me as I will never be auditioning for the X Factor, and had been sent my mask.

The morning kicked off with us singing and having our 5 minute OMG moment, and Sarah was right, if you can achieve that in five minutes what can you achieve back at the office? All of the speakers in the morning were really inspiring and gave some great tips to people, it’s certainly not rocket science to be a social business, but I think sometimes the start of the journey is scary and you worry about what you’re doing. My top take from the morning was to think about being human and fun, people deal with people.

The afternoon continued with more signing, yay! and more great speakers with their pearls of wisdom. A good unconference session happened and I learnt more about the Homes for Britain campaign, which I’ll be making sure we get behind at Origin. The afternoon seemed to pass by so quickly that my head was swimming with ideas to bring back to the office. I was lucky enough to have all of the Origin comms team there as well as our Head of Community Development, Sahil, so we’ve all been inspired in different ways now we’re back.

I feel like I have achieved official comms hero status now, some of the things we do are great, some need refining and we’ve got a team feeling fully creative and superhero like!

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