Covid=Confidence=Change=CommsHero by Leanne Hughes

Once I was over the initial sucker punch of Covid lockdown, homeschooling uncooperative pupils and desperately trying to not lose the heid, I decided it was time to make some changes in my professional life. I work for NHS, as part of a multidisciplinary team and cover the communication functions…

Back in the workplace breeds energy, engagement and accelerates learning – 10 thoughts to make being back in the office brilliant by Rachel Roberts

Eight weeks ago the spottydog team took our first steps to get back into our workplace, working on a rota so everyone could safely be in the office for at least two days each week. We made this move not because we didn’t trust the team to work remotely, but because we’re a team that works best when…

Mama under lockdown – key workers, kids and crisis comms – one woman’s story by Josephine Graham

Josephine Graham Internal communications lead at Bradford Council VIEW PROFILE

You’re my CommsHero EP2 – Steve Hayes, Head of Communications at Citizen

Steve Hayes Head of Communications at Citizen VIEW PROFILE

You’re my CommsHero EP1 – Elaine Needham, Director of Marketing at Aspire Housing

Asif Choudry Sales & Marketing Director with resource, Founder of #CommsHero VIEW PROFILE

Staying #FutureProof: Lessons from the community at a time of change by Sarah Waddington

Sarah Waddington Chart.PR FCIPR FPRCA MIOD | Managing Director Astute.Work | Founder #FuturePRoof VIEW PROFILE

Why internal communication is the most important thing you will ever do by Steve Hayes

Internal communication is usually done badly – a sweeping statement, but in my experience one that rings true. For one reason or another many organisations put talking to colleagues low down on a list of priorities that includes customer communication, trade press coverage, social media,…

Time to be a comms hero and cease being a comms lurker! by Claire Knight

I’ve been a CommsHero ‘lurker’ for some time, following their journey from a distance on socials, commenting on posts, but never being able to attend any of the events in person, though desperately wanting to. The FOMO was real! With a young family in tow, a relatively newbie to freelancing and Mr…

How do we talk to Generation Covid now? by Rebecca Roberts

The pandemic has impacted all of us but have children and young people born the brunt of it and how do we approach engaging with ‘Generation Covid’? One of the biggest factors around effective youth engagement is actually valuing young people’s voice. Put simply, tokenism won’t cut it. Just…

Cat’s Pajamas Convos with Asif Choudry

Listen to Carrie-Ann in conversation with Asif Choudry, founder of #CommsHero. Asif tells us about the #CommsHero journey and how you can get involved. Cat’s Pajamas Communications strategy. Tells your story with passion. Champions collaboration…