“Building trust, not daring to fail is the key to success”

Comms Hero November 10, 2016

Mark Lawrence, Web Editor, 24 Housing was at #CommsHero by resource   This is not a quote from a motivational speaker, but one by the great Paul Taylor from Bromford, who also challenged the Comms Hero delegates to “declare war on mediocrity”. Daring to fail as a concept had me a little worried, with many […]

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Why I’m attending CommsHero

Comms Hero November 7, 2016

The comms hero events have been around for a while now and I have yet to attend one – this one seems like a good one to give it a go – why? Because we all need to take a few more risks. It’s easy to carry on doing what we have always done or […]

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Why I Dare To Chair

Comms Hero October 26, 2016

Why I dare to chair It’s just under a year ago since my team and I discovered #CommsHero – we immediately found an affiliation with its values and ideas, the community it’s created and sense of fun. Oh and the t-shirts. The t-shirts are ace. Having just missed the 2015 event we’ve been holding out […]

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Why HR and IC professionals need to dare to fail

Comms Hero October 14, 2016

Human Resources and Internal Communications as disciplines have (at least) one big thing in common: they are both all about people stuff. Whatever the name of the function, wherever it sits in the organisational structure, whoever heads them up: people are at the absolute heart of what we do. In particular, engaging with people; listening, […]

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Why All Marketing Fails (and why it doesn’t matter)

Comms Hero September 13, 2016

Marketing is no longer something a company endeavours to undertake. Rather, it is strategic and built directly into the fabric of an organisation’s offering. In a digital world it is testable and trackable. This means that wherever you are with your marketing right now, it can always be better. An improved iteration is only one […]

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