Be bold & brave. Think, write, change

Comms Hero October 23, 2015

A blog by Amy Nettleton, Head of Sales & Marketing – Aster Group @amynettleton1 A Hero: A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities Comms: Communication: The act of communicating; transmission. The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behaviour.Interpersonal rapport. CommsHero: Totes powerful! So […]

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A Comms Hero for a week

Lee Grasby August 13, 2015

a blog by Kevin Williams, Wulvern Housing @KevinW_Wulvern So in this one, I want to consider how we can engage the general public in the debate on #ukhousing and stop being so insular with our conversations. First let me take you on a brief journey as to how I came to be considering this. A […]

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Pushing the boundaries – #CommsHero style

Lee Grasby June 16, 2015

A blog from Faye Saville, Account Manager, Frontier PR A daily challenge will not ruffle the feathers of a Comms professional – in fact, it comes with the territory. Comms folk thrive under pressure, we get excited about creating change and we enjoy nothing more than exploring the unknown, producing the unexpected and of course […]

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#CommsHero – why it had to become a reality

Lee Grasby May 7, 2015

a blog by Asif Choudry, Resource As we approach the fifth #CommsHero since it began a year ago, I wanted to share my reasons for starting what has become an ever growing community. I’ve wanted to share this story for some time and now seemed a good time for reasons that will become apparent as […]

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Finding my inner hero…possibly

Lee Grasby

a blog by Amanda Coleman, Speaker at CommsHero, Manchester It is just a week until the Commshero event takes place in Manchester and I am honoured to have been asked to take part. I must admit to being a bit concerned about the format as it seems far from your run of the mill communication […]

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Unleash your imagination and you can fly anywhere

Lee Grasby April 21, 2015

a blog from Caroline King, Group Head of Brand & Communications, Torus Communicating is all about telling a story. In fact the ‘new’ way of describing the key skills of the discerning communicator these days seems to be about story telling. This irritates me a tad as surely there is no other definition?! As a […]

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