I found ‘my people’ – by Nicola Griffiths

Picture this: a room buzzing with excitement, filled with professionals who get your love for straight-up, no-nonsense communication. As a social housing communicator, finding my people usually feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. But not at commsHERO Week! Enthusiasm was in the air, and the energy was contagious. The conference was a revelation when it came to fostering connections.

commsHERO Week wasn’t just thrown together—it was a masterpiece of planning. The attention to detail, including the personalised gifts and on-brand sweets, did not go unnoticed. It was clear that the organisers understood the diverse needs of the audience, making way for a seamless experience for professionals from various backgrounds and industries.

Ok, the speakers were amazing (they really were!), but the real magic happened beyond the stage. Imagine diverse perspectives coming together, united by a love for no-nonsense communication. I discovered ‘my people’—a bunch of us from all over the country sharing the same gripes and eye-rolls. It was like finding a secret club where everyone speaks your language.

Looking back at commsHERO 2023, it’s not just about talks and workshops. It’s a full-blown community. Returning this year isn’t just on my to-do list; it’s a must-do to reconnect with this wonderful community. It’s more than an event; it’s a testament to the magic of bringing people together to swap stories, learn, and grow.

I’m excited to immerse myself in this vibrant atmosphere once more, ready to rediscover the magic of connection and inspiration.

Nicola Griffiths – Marketing and Communication Officer