Upgrade your networking and attend the commsHERO event- by Robyn Burke

Interactive, personalised, unique. Three words I’d use to describe the commsHERO event.

Last year, I attended the commsHERO event in Manchester and I didn’t regret it. The community created by commsHERO across public and private sector organisations provides networking opportunities that enhance your experience as a comms professional.

commsHERO don’t do death by PowerPoint. Last year’s event included great speakers with valuable insights for attendees, including Dom Dwight talking us through Yorkshire Tea’s social media strategy.

They know how to bring the fun, with prizes for attendees, networking opportunities and great workshops that bring out your creativity. One workshop included creating t-shirt designs, with prizes for people who created engaging t-shirts designs that will be manufactured.

However, it’s more than the personalised swag. From Helen Reynolds and Jenni Field sharing their wealth of knowledge to a Comms Room 101 segment to discuss common problems and share ideas, I massively enjoyed the event. It provides a valuable opportunity to step away from the day job and reignite your creativity.

Last year was the first ever commsHERO awards, celebrating the work we as comms professionals do. commsHERO again showed their unique style by doing this differently. They took the time to work with comms professionals and create unique awards categories. This encouraged chances to highlight colleagues who do a great job in different ways – including an award for colleagues from other departments who support communications teams!

Through their experience in communications and marketing commsHERO capture the everyday reality of what it means to work in comms. Whether you’re a team of one or part of a well-resourced marketing department, you’ll enjoy attending the commsHERO event.

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Robyn Burke – Internal Communications Lead