About James...

James is Engagement Lead for the National Chief Nursing Information Officers team at NHS England, where he is responsible for building the team profile and developing the communications strategy to build awareness of digital clinical leadership across the country. 

Leading on creating and developing many of the channels the community interact with, he has brought together over one thousand members on the team website. 

 Passionate about bringing together digital communities, one of his personal goals over the next year is to do more to identify the unsung heroes and utilise the community platforms built to recognise their achievements. 

Session overview: Building and bringing together online digital communities

The digital nursing community across England is working to drive the transformation of the places where they work. 

There are lots of fantastic ideas and innovations being implemented everyday across the country. 

 In this session James talks about his role to bring together and build online communities to share knowledge and best practice. 

 The session will focus on 

– Taking a strategic approach to identify these communities and understand requirements 

– Creating channels and platforms to support communications 

– Challenges and opportunities