About Carla...

Graduated with a First Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Sport Marketing at Leeds Beckett University. Passionate about developing a career in Sports Media, Sports Marketing and Marketing in the Travel industry.

Experience includes Social Media and Marketing for insideF2 Online, PorscheSport, Alma Corse, the Athletic Union at the Carnegie School of Sport and Leeds Beckett Women’s Football Team. Whilst I also have experience of creating my own social media content for my blog (Just A Sports Fans Blog) along with the creating a website which tackles areas that concern Sport with a specific passion for Formula 1, Formula 2 and Football.

I believe that Women’s sport and Women in Sport should be promoted more than what it is now and Academy Sport and Esports, which is why I want to explore a career in this niche yet inspiring part of the Sports industry.

Participating in Kick It Out’s Aspire/Game Changers board has further ignited this belief and as a result is why, I focused my Dissertation on “An Investigation Into The Lack Of Female Representation In Motorsport.” Which I achieved a First in.

Session overview: The Floor is Lava - Student Stories

In today’s volatile and unpredictable epoch, you’d be forgiven for thinking that graduates’ bright futures are simply the light reflecting off lava. Y’know, because the world is burning and all. Step forward these scrappy young students, who have travelled *thousands of miles to study PR and Communications in Leeds. 

 Join our effervescent host Teela Clayton as she probes them about their academic journey, issues in the industry and whether Elon Musk is 100% a d*ck. 

 *Carla’s travelled about 5 miles from Cas.