About Oliver...

Oliver is a results-oriented marketing professional with a clear objective: to simplify complexity. His career journey has been deeply immersed in vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems and fintech/emerging tech hubs, where he has collaborated with startups and scaleups alike.

Currently, Oliver holds the position of a marketing leader at the Ipsos iris project, a significant venture that focuses on driving brand growth and expanding market penetration for one of the world’s largest synthetic panels.

Before this role, Oliver played a pivotal role in the growth of Wagonex, a startup that successfully transitioned into a scaleup by pioneering the concept of subscription vehicles in the automotive industry.

Oliver’s introduction to communications occurred during his pursuit of a Master’s degree in International Public Relations & Global Communications Management.

Additionally, Oliver contributes his expertise to the academic realm as an Associate Lecturer at Cardiff University’s prestigious JOMEC school. Here, he empowers students with applied marketing technologies and analytics, all while supervising MA dissertations each academic year.

Oliver’s passion for making the complex simple, his invaluable experience with startups and scaleups, and his dedication to teaching the next generation of marketers make him a multifaceted and influential professional in the marketing and tech industry.

Session overview: Demystifying the Online Space: Tracking Digital Behaviours

Venture into the digital realm, unravelling the mystery behind online consumer behaviour. This session uses the cutting edge online measurement platform, Ipsos iris, to delve into our increasingly digital lives and describes how understanding digital behaviours can impact brand growth and market penetration. Using the freshest available data, peek behind the curtain at what makes the UK tick.