About Asmar...

An experienced corporate communicator who has operated in several high-profile and contentious environments, I currently look after the Media team for Britain’s workplace safety regulator. While recognising progress, I back the urgent need for a more diverse communications industry. I also champion the need to help our organisations be as relevant as they can be, having always considered those most affected by the decisions of my clients; workers, campaigners, communities, football fans and families.

Session overview: Getting "Behind the Mask"

In May, the Race and Ethnicity Equity Board, (REEB) a Standing Committee within Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), published Behind the Mask.  

 This is understood to be the first report of its kind recording the views of men of Black, Asian and other ethnically diverse backgrounds in PR and communications.  

 I was one of a handful or participants – a sad reflection of how woefully underrepresented we still are in the industry. 

 We are urging the industry to digest this report, and I am happy to lead a session/ discussion on the issues that sit behind it and the challenges as we move forward.