About Helen...

Hel Reynolds is an award-winning communications creativity expert, and she runs Comms Creatives with her sister, Lesley.

Each year, she trains hundreds of communications professionals from brands like BBC Studios, Manchester Council and Macmillan Cancer Support to unleash their creativity, with engaging online courses that get people fighting their fears and growing their social media and creativity skills.

She draws those cartoons you might see popping up all over your Linkedin and Twitter, and writes the very popular Big Yellow Newsletter, dropping commsinspiration into over 10,000 inboxes each week.

Hel lives in Wales, and when people call her childish, she takes it as a compliment, & she is usually attached to a mug of coffee and a cat.

The Science of Creative Communications: 5 Ways to Tap into Your Inner Comms Unicorn

Embark on a journey where the realms of creativity and science meet, as Comms Creatives Chief Officer, Hel Reynolds, reveals the secrets behind unleashing your inner Comms Unicorn. 

This talk will get you trying out simple creativity-boosters, and will empower you with the tools and research that will help you make your communications more imaginative and effective.

Get ready to spread your wings, ignite your creative sparkle, and magic up a wave of brilliance in your communication.