About Stephen...

Stephen Waddington is a highly regarded public relations and communications figure. He is known for his expertise in management and public relations.

He’s an entrepreneur who has benefited from disruption in media and technology during his career in public relations. He built an agency during the 90s supporting companies creating the infrastructure and applications that were the foundation of the internet. He did it again ten years later, scaling one of the first agencies to work across paid, social, and earned media.

Stephen has worked for clients including Amazon, ARM, BMW, The Economist, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Virgin Media Business. Along the way, he has written ten books including Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication and served as President of the CIPR. He founded the CIPR AI in PR panel in 2018 and has supported the CIPR in this area for the past five years.

He is the Managing Partner of Wadds Inc. and is a PhD researcher at Leeds Business School, where he studies the relationship between public relations and management.

Session overview: Insights into the future role of public relations in management

An upbeat and enlightening talk on the evolving role of public relations in management.

Stephen is a seasoned public relations professional turned researcher, who has spent the past two years understanding why the industry experienced a boom during the pandemic but is now facing budget cuts.

He’ll share his thought-provoking findings during the session that have challenged his own beliefs about the business of public relations.