About Lecia...

Leicia is an accomplished health communications and engagement professional with extensive experience in creating and implementing national strategy.
Leicia has spent the last 11 years in public sector roles at the NIHR and NHS England. Leicia has retained hands-on skills as she has progressed to senior management, gained board level experience and become a trusted adviser for Director level colleagues.
Leicia is a specialist in reaching underserved communities and passionate about the role of communications and engagement in reducing inequalities.
Leicia is also a Board Member for Black Health Initiative; an equity-focussed community organisation within her home town of Leeds.

Session overview: The role of communications in reducing health inequalities

While it’s important to think about strategies that reach large numbers of people – it’s also important to think about which communities are consistently not getting the message.
Health comms professionals have an important role to play in making sure health messages reach as wide an audience as possible. If they don’t, they run the risk of fanning the already dangerous flames of health inequalities. This session will explore what communities are at risk and provide hints and tips for better comms and engagement.