About Paul...

Paul has worked in health communications for twenty years. He left Pegasus (now Evoke Mind+Matter) as Director in 2019 

Paul launched fox&cat with a mission to help lead, create and deliver excellent communications, stress-free.

He created the industry’s first mental health support programme called Under the tree.


After many years at the sharp end in comms, Paul was tired. He didn’t realise how tired he was until he took a year out to find some mental space. Paul used the time to educate himself about stress, how we can be trained to manage it, and even how it can be shaped into something to motivate us. During this time, he also helped deliver #HeardMentality in his role on the CIPR Mental Health team.

With the help of a little perspective, the idea for fox&cat was born. Pail is now back in business, offering a full integrated communications proposition but delivered with a focus on decreasing the impact of stress and pressure in the communications workplace.

Session overview: Managing stress: the (not so big) secret to deliver excellent comms

Year-on-year, 9 in 10 of us experience poor mental health with 7 in 10 experiencing stress. Yet the key causes of stress all have solutions. So why are we not shifting the dial? Why are so many of us consistently reaching burn-out?
During this session, we’ll examine the static trends in the causes of stress including the “big three”, then provide insights into the practical solutions we can all employ to ensure our teams stay motivated, productive, happy and healthy.
When we work together – keeping mental health front of mind – we can all deliver and thrive, even under pressure.