About Prakriti...

My journey as a comms professional began in the newsroom as a reporter. I slowly made my way into editing and finally into content creation for various channels. Eventually, I realised that my skills would be best used in a comms profile, which is why I switched to this sector. I came to the UK as an MA in PR and Strategic comms student to hone my skills and get a head start in the UK industry. Equipped with my added skill set and supported by my experience back in India, I have now landed the role of Alumni Engagement Officer at Leeds Beckett University, where I will be looking after alumni comms, engagement and relations, apart from events. 

Session overview: From PR student to comms practitioner

It has been less than a year that I have been in the UK. I came here last year as a PR student, not at all sure where this Masters course would lead me.

But it seems that life had some definite plans for me. I am now working at the same university I went to, doing a job I love, and using everything I learnt over the past few months.

The Masters course has taught me how to BE a comms practitioner and how important it is to build a network and gain the appropriate knowledge. I also learnt along the way that it is never too late to learn new skills that can help you do your job better.
I want to share my experience and learnings, and I hope that others who are at a similar stage in their careers can get some good insights out of it.