About Teela...

Lyrically feisty, with a PhD in Communication Management loading, Teela Clayton is a CIPR Accredited PR practitioner whose agency experience spans healthcare, pharma comms, consumer and B2B. Alongside her PhD, Teela works at Leeds Business School as a researcher and lecturer. A former teacher by trade – though she never mentions it – she knows her way around a dictionary and is never without a red pen. Her interests include spelling, Yorkshire Tea, and socio-political communication. She is most oft found atop a soap box, or in a bucolic setting.

Session overview: The Floor is Lava - Student Stories

In today’s volatile and unpredictable epoch, you’d be forgiven for thinking that graduates’ bright futures are simply the light reflecting off lava. Y’know, because the world is burning and all. Step forward these scrappy young students, who have travelled *thousands of miles to study PR and Communications in Leeds. 

 Join our effervescent host Teela Clayton as she probes them about their academic journey, issues in the industry and whether Elon Musk is 100% a d*ck. 

 *Carla’s travelled about 5 miles from Cas.