What does it take to be a Whole Marketer?

How to become a successful and fulfilled marketer

We know that it’s an exciting time for our profession, with many opportunities to steer the strategic direction of the business and lead the long-term commercial agenda…

But with this increased remit and accountability, many marketers are feeling overwhelmed by workload, data, trends and new marketing techniques in our fast-paced industry.

Abigail Dixon is an experienced, award-winning marketing practitioner who truly understands the challenges marketers have today – through her work with her clients as a Founder/Lead Consultant with Labyrinth Marketing, but also through the many marketers she trains, coaches and mentors, with organisations such as CIM, The Marketing Academy, AAR and AIA.

Abigail has created the Whole Marketer concept (also a book and podcast) based on the holistic skills marketers need to possess to lead their function and grow the brands and businesses of tomorrow.

In this inspiring talk, filled with real experience and practical examples, Abigail will cover:

  • The technical and strategic skills to set and lead the commercial agenda
  • The soft skills needed to lead cross-functional teams and bring plans to life
  • Leadership skills to authentically and inspirationally lead, motivate and empower not only your team but cross-functional teams and stakeholders
  • The personal understanding needed to feel fulfilled in our role

Abigail speaks openly from the heart and is committed to creating a wave of Whole Marketers who feel fulfilled in their role, and in their lives as a whole.

So… are you ready to become Whole?

Join the session on Monday 10th October at 11:00 am.

Abigail Dixon

Author and Podcast Host The whole Marketer and Director and Founder Labyrinth Marketing