Amanda Coleman

Crisis communication and reputation management is what I am passionate about. My priority is helping organisations and businesses to get it right. I work with leaders who need support problem-solving and making better decisions, as well as communication teams to ensure they are developing an effective crisis response.

After more than two decades leading during crises, I established Amanda Coleman Communication Ltd to provide crisis communication consultancy where it is needed. Whether you need help in planning and preparing to deal with a crisis, need strategic support when in the middle of a crisis, or need assistance in charting a way forward in recovery I can step in and help.

My book Crisis Communication Strategies published by Kogan Page brings together some of the key learning points that I felt were important to share. I discuss some of the issues on my blog .

I am an international speaker, communication trainer and have supported European projects considering emergencies and disaster management. I am a Chartered PR practitioner and Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations and Communications Association.