How ESG will change the Internal Communication Landscape

To communicate Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) initiatives internally and change the mindset of our employees ESG should be seen as an asset that should be reported on the balance sheet and thought of as something that can generate cash flow, reduce expenses, attract the right talent, and improve sales. An asset that needs funding, improvement, testing, loving, caring and attention. This will mean that the Internal Communication landscape will shift but how will it shift?

In this session Gihan Hyde, CommUnique Founder and CEO, will walk you through case studies and best practices that answers the following questions:

  1. Am I the right person to communicate my company’s ESG efforts internally?
  2. How can I as an internal communicator use the power, I hold to answer this question: are my key stakeholders crucial to me doing my job? or am I looking at this from the wrong angle?
  3. How can I as an internal communicator change my mindset and behaviour to communicate ESG effectively?

Join the session on Thursday 22nd September at 01:05 pm.

Gihan Hyde

CEO & Founder Communique