Maaz Rahman

With a background in computer animation and 20 year’s experience across various Global Digital Marketing roles, working in several industry sectors bringing a wide mix of knowledge, skills and expertise that have become instrumental in helping deliver solutions and fulfilling corporate business objectives.  An expert in driving transformational change and technological adaptation for several multi-national organisations around the world providing significant business impact and generating new revenue streams.


Maaz has spent many aspects of his career helping develop digital transformation strategies for large scale organisations and connecting the dots between the key components of their digital ecosystem through the power of curiosity. More recently Maaz has provided consultative expertise in driving sales enablement strategies though digital marketing and helping businesses gain maximum ROI through effective usage of digital technologies.  As the corporate world starts to migrate towards 21st century technological advancements with Digital Transformation at the core of this important transition, Maaz’s expertise in this field has been imperative in bringing a dynamic approach to disrupting the status quo across multiple industry sectors for the better.