Nezahat Sevim

Nezahat is a storyteller at heart, with substantial experience across diverse areas of communications. She started her career as a journalist and has been working almost everywhere a journalist can be found: newsrooms, studios, on the ground chasing news, broadcast vans, video editing rooms, control rooms, in front of a camera, and behind a camera. Her first news report was about the 2005 London bombings, and since then, she has reported other terrorist attacks, wars, the rise and fall of politicians, historic social movements, protests, economic crises, and a plethora of human stories.

As world news failed to get any brighter, she decided to step back from full-time journalism to discover new ways of storytelling. And with her profound interest in digital technologies, she studied for a master’s degree in digital marketing at King’s College London. After her graduation in 2019, she dived into the corporate communications world, and from then on, she has been working in public relations, thought leadership and digital communications; besides providing media trainings and consulting services to organisations and individuals on strategic communications.