Emotional storytelling

You might think that the luxury and charity sectors are two distinct worlds. But in communications, the most powerful tool in their toolbox is the same: emotional storytelling. In both sectors, the promise to the audiences is feeling good about being a part of a bigger cause or a group of people. An association with a cause or a brand allows us to present an identity to the world, a social clue about ourselves. Powerful brand stories can make us pack our bags and join a group of volunteers to save the most endangered species, or they can also make us pay a premium price to join an exclusive membership club.
In this session, from Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” to the “Narrative Theory”, we will discuss different theories and practices that drive emotional storytelling, and discover together its power in communicating with diverse audiences.

Join the session on Monday 19th September at 4:20 pm.

Nezahat Sevim

Global Head of Media and PR at Animals Asia