Listening like a life depends on it….

Nigel Taberner is a former hostage negotiator. During his 10 years as a negotiator, he successfully resolved more than 130 high-risk armed sieges, suicide threats and international negotiations.

He retired last year to share the skills that he had learned and to enable organisations to communicate more effectively, through his company, Level2Communications Ltd.

His passion is to bring transferable skills from the largely hidden world of hostage negotiation to the workplace, boardroom, and classroom, and to help leaders and teams improve well-being, performance and outcomes through understanding and adopting the principles of truly effective listening and communication.

As a passionate and engaging speaker Nigel will bring to life during this session, his unique perspective on subjects such as elite level listening, emotional intelligence and how to negotiate when you have nothing to offer.

Join the session on Friday 23rd September at 2:05 pm.

Nigel Taberner

Managing Director of Level2Communications Ltd.