Sam Brownjohn

After graduating university with a film degree, Sam worked as an assistant on small film productions and later in other industry’s before taking some time out to volunteer abroad. When he returned to the UK he joined SUEZ, first as an assistant on a large rebrand project, and then as their Assistant Visual Content Manager, finding his way back into film eventually. Sam works on every step of the in-house video content, from conception, scripting, filming, editing, postproduction, and release. Through his work on the large scale rebrand project, Sam honed his skills for brand imaging and the importance it plays in building a successful company . This would serve as a key learning point in taking on his next role as Visual Content Manager in 2020, which also allowed the team to expand and bring on an assistant manager to cope with the ever-growing need for more video content throughout the company. The team currently produce around 100 videos a year on a vast array of fields from health and safety, event filming, education, awareness raising and more.