How dare you post this on a professional platform!? And other nonsense

Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity; we hear the word constantly, but do we live it in our communication and the way we behave?

In this session, Steve will give his lessons and thoughts on the importance of authenticity in communication and how we can model this as individuals.

This will be an informal chance to explore how we can bring our true selves to our work and be willing to share who we are with our colleagues, peers, and customers to enhance the work of our profession.

Steve will explore:

  • How you can put authenticity at the heart of your work
  • How to work on your personal brand
  • How modelling behaviours can inspire others
  • How to balance your privacy and personal life with showing your true self to others

Join the session on Friday 23rd September at 1:05 pm.

Steve Hayes

Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications at GreenSquareAccord.