HUMAN UP: The call for human leadership and communication

The call for leaders to ‘human up’ is real. This session explores the call for people in power, to lead and communicate in a more human way. This is often a challenge, especially during change, conflict and shifts in culture.

Sometimes leaders are copying a style they admire, reacting to the environment around them, or simply doing the best they know how. But when the people they lead see through it, we see low trust and a lack of psychological safety. Then add to that; the nature and future of workplaces, the need for inclusion and we also require leaders to have emotional intelligence and listen well to the people they lead, manage difficult conversations and give feedback well.

It is no wonder that some leaders lack the confidence and competence to communicate well, but fear not- you can be their hero!
You can build and foster human leaders.

So what can you do? In this session we will:
• Learn what human leadership looks like and what gets in the way
• Explore the skills that enable leaders to communicate Humanly, with authenticity, emotional intelligence, compassion and curiosity to lead the people in our organisations through change, conflict and culture change.
• Pick up some coaching tips and exercises you can take your leaders and leadership teams through to help them Human up!