Harry Tangye

Harry Tangye worked as a Police Officer in Devon and Cornwall Police for 30 years finishing his service in April 2020.  He was a Sergeant specialising in the world of Armed Response, road death investigation and VIP Protection, looking after all the Royals on many occasions and many top politicians over his service.  His day job was working front line on full shifts for his whole career, experiencing the best and worst of humanity.  He realised a number of experiences and anecdotes kept cropping up when chatting with friends and colleagues and he felt it was important to put it on paper.  He stopped counting the number of fatal road traffic collisions he personally attended and the times he reflects on the times he almost pulled the trigger of his gun.

​Touching on where he sees the problems with policing today, he also writes about specific jobs he attended which had a long-lasting effect on him, but he starts the book from the very beginning when he applied to join the police at the aged of 10 and received a reply from a Newquay Inspector which effected the rest of his life.  Brought up on the Cornish cliffs many readers have wondered how he ever made it to the age of twelve, as he used the same cliffs as his playground as a child, mixing explosives to produce pipe bombs and having to cycle to casualty on more than one occasion to get stitched up.

Harry’s book ‘Firearms and Fatals‘ – An autobiography of 30 years front line policing exposed – is out now!