ESG in practice – An in-house case study

ESG, social value, sustainable development…these are the big trends of today. But how do you adopt a true ESG led approach? How do make it work with competing business priorities?

In her talk, Naomi will provide an in-house perspective and explain how even working for an environmental services company SUEZ had a lot to sort out internally.

Her talk will give an honest account of her journey and detail:

• How to implement proper governance
• How to integrate ESG into your business plans and how to do it with competing business needs
• Getting buy-in, engagement and ownership from the board to employees on the frontline
• The role of communications and avoiding the dreaded greenwashing tag
• Practical advice to get started

Whether you are at the start of your ESG journey or well on your way, there will be something for all communicators wanting to make a genuine difference.