Make Yourself a Little More Confident – 5 ways to build confidence for you, your team and your organisation

Penny Haslam had fulfilled her lifelong ambition of becoming a live TV presenter, but she had a problem – out of control nerves and low self-esteem that threatened to take her under.

Because we all could do with a little more confidence, Penny now draws on her experiences as a BBC presenter, and now a professional speaker, to share her five confidence tricks and techniques that help shake off ‘imposter syndrome’ and build supreme confidence.

She’ll show you…

– How to extinguish damaging self-talk when you need greater resilience
– Ways to get over yourself and welcome change
– Her Post-it note approach for sustaining self-assuredness.

Confidence may sound like a personal issue to deal with. Something you ‘work on’ in your own time. But Penny’s take is that confident individuals contribute to the greater success of their teams and their organisations. Which is why it’s so important, especially now, to ‘make yourself a little more confident’.