I’m not a spindoctor, I’m a strategist!

From working for a Prime Minister to a housing association, Sarah has found the public sector internal and external comms space obsessed with battling the negative. Yet there are so many (authentic) success stories to tell about those who serve the public. After all, reputation-building positive messaging is what we are paid to do! But how can we fight for the time to do it, when it’s often seen as spin? Especially when navigating through a crisis.


This talk will reinforce every #CommsHero’s mantra of: It’s not what you say, but how and when to say it. About how your communications won’t ever be effective and positive unless strategised. Working through the pandemic proved it. Finally elevating the importance of comms teams sector-wide. So why are so many of us still expected to waste precious resource by churning out mountains of reactionary ‘everything’ post-pandemic, from social media to press releases, leading to low team morale due to chaotic, ineffective comms? The speaker will argue how now is the right time to lobby for a restructure of your team and rethink how it works. To make the case for having a Strat-Comms Director at the top table, to be involved in all campaigns from the start to shape them, saving everyone’s time in the long-run.


This talk proves the key to communications brilliance is always in the strategy.