Trolls are not always cute, colourful characters that sing songs and go on world tours

It’s rarely, if ever appeared in a job description or job advert but in this digital world dealing with internet trolls is an unfortunate but sometimes necessary part of the work of a #CommsHero

In this session hosted by Asif Choudry, we’ll hear from a panel who have all experienced abuse from online trolls and they will share their tips on how you can deal with these situations.

Advita Patel

Managing Director of CommsRebel

Jason Anthoine

PR Managing Founder

Sarah Waddington

Chart.PR FCIPR FPRCA MIOD | Managing Director Astute.Work | Founder #FuturePRoof

Adam Shepphard

Communications Lead for Research and Innovation at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Lucy Goldsmith

Marketing & Communication Manager at Weaver Vale Housing Trust, Cheshire