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Sausage rolls socks would complement the cape rather nicely

Posted by Comms Hero on  June 17, 2019

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I’m fairly new to the #CommsHero world, little did I know that despite living and breathing comms since Uni, there was such a huge bunch of awesome people waiting to say hello and unleash their inner hero. The tables, perfectly set with personalised note books and goody bags full of swag, built excitement on arrival and whilst itching to find my cape (I had a red one) I held off until the break to listen as the speakers began. The ever lovely, smiley Helen Reynolds opened the event and set the scene for a motivating, energetic day.  I was lucky

CommsHero – Keeping it real since 2014

Posted by Comms Hero on  June 17, 2019

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by Josephine Graham @iojosy I’ve never worked in London. I’ve visited a few times and it’s nice enough. You’ve got some great museums, a few palaces and a heck of a lot of company headquarters. And with all that corporate workforce to cater for, London also has scores of breakfast briefings, drinks receptions, and conferences galore to keep everyone networked up and on top of their game. But guess what. 88% of this country’s population is outside London. And even the CIPR’s latest State of the Profession report recognises that around three quarters of PR practitioners exist beyond our capital. So

No, You’re The Hero

Posted by Comms Hero on  June 11, 2019

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Not just any hashtag … it’s a CommsHero hashtag *camera to film custard seductively oozing out of a Krispy Kreme doughnut I can’t remember the exact date I discovered the CommsHero hashtag, but I do remember that it changed my mindset, it helped me pursue my mission. Yes, I know that may sound a little dramatic but let me explain.  I’m a people person.  My heart is filled with happiness when I’m surrounded by people, my wish is for everyone to live a healthy and happy life, I want everyone to reach their full potential, I need everyone to know

An epic learning experience, on a truly heroic scale

Posted by Comms Hero on  May 22, 2019

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by Josephine Graham @iojosy I can’t exactly remember the first time I noticed #CommsHero. It was a couple of years ago, maybe slightly more. There I was, a peaceful citizen of the world of work-related social networking, wandering amiably along the streets of Twitter City, when I looked up and spotted a dazzling streak, way up high. Was it a bird? Was it a meme? No, it was #CommsHero! I watched in wonder as our champion zipped about the Twittersphere, anointing and applauding worthy #CommsHero types as it went. Gosh, I pondered. How does one become accepted into this illustrious

The Connection

Posted by Comms Hero on  April 23, 2019

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What links a unicorn, booking a place for a conference and a simple piece of advice? hashtag#CommsHero stuff that’s what. This was my Easter Egg – ‘Sparkles’ the chocolate unicorn. Apparently it reminded my boyfriend of me. I’ll take that. It’s broken the usual mould. My treat to myself this Easter was to book a place on the Comms Hero conference. A day dedicated to all things comms and a great chance to meet other creative people who may also indulge in a bit of writery stuff. So what’s the connection? Well, for starters I’m going to meet Asif Choudry,