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Budding Comms Hero on a Mission to Reduce Food Waste!

Posted by Comms Hero on  April 26, 2019

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I am going to my first #CommsHero conference! As a ‘newbie’ to the field (have worked in communications before but studying with CIM so I feel more ‘official’), I am very excited to meet lots of delegates and listen to the incredible line up of speakers. The conference’s theme authenticity really caught my eye. Working as the Communication Manager at Manchester’s first waste food catering social enterprise requires authentic and creative approaches to marketing.  It is estimated that 15 million tonnes of food is wasted each year by the food industry in the UK, a large amount of which is

The Connection

Posted by Comms Hero on  April 23, 2019

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What links a unicorn, booking a place for a conference and a simple piece of advice? hashtag#CommsHero stuff that’s what. This was my Easter Egg – ‘Sparkles’ the chocolate unicorn. Apparently it reminded my boyfriend of me. I’ll take that. It’s broken the usual mould. My treat to myself this Easter was to book a place on the Comms Hero conference. A day dedicated to all things comms and a great chance to meet other creative people who may also indulge in a bit of writery stuff. So what’s the connection? Well, for starters I’m going to meet Asif Choudry,

Why CommsHero?

Posted by Edward Thomas on  April 11, 2019

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Having kicked around comms, engagement and marketing teams for a while now, CommsHero has always been one of those things that has cropped up in my timeline that looked like fun but personally I never really had the opportunity to explore it further (makes you wonder what I’ve been up to all these years). Then I had the privilege of joining The Wrekin Housing Group to head up Communications and Marketing. From day one (actually it was before then), the team have waxed lyrical about CommsHero, the ethos, what it stands for and what engaging and creative sessions there are

Don’t suffer from #FOMO (fear of missing out) – #CommsHero

Posted by Comms Hero on  March 29, 2019

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I’m Tanya Edwards, @EDWARDS_TE Communications Specialist at Jigsaw Homes Group, based in the North West. As a marketing and communications professional, I am always on the lookout for events to attend where I can learn something new and network with other like-minded business people to help build my contacts within the industry. The #CommsHero event hosted by the awesome team at We are Resource @WeAreResource is definitely one not to be missed if you work in marketing and communications.  From start to finish, these events allow you to get your creative juices flowing. Quite literally this is what happened at the event this year

Learning Through Failure

Posted by Comms Hero on  March 29, 2019

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Too often, employee culture is driven from above. Rigid protocol is commonplace, leaving no room for innovation; not initially succeeding at a new venture can feel like the end of the road. Yet, says opening speaker Chloe Marsh, head of engagement at social housing firm, RHP, “Nothing was ever achieved by staying in your comfort zone and playing it safe.” With this firmly in mind, CommsHero London got underway with a plethora of communications experts, its range of enterprising speakers – as well as several plates of doughnuts. The second of three conferences, after Cardiff on 8 November and with the last