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Tell your Chief Exec

Posted by Comms Hero on  March 29, 2019

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A blog by Lee Grasby, Marketing Manager at Resource & Co-Founder of CommsHero We’re now on the cusp of our fifth ‘award winning’ CommsHero event. Quite a feat when you think that it was an idea born out of a conversation on a train journey to London. By the time we returned the brand had been established, a strategy was in place and within two months we’d filled 80 places for the inaugural event at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. Of course such a thing doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes a great team of people to make it happen, in

What does it take to build a brand?

Posted by Nathaniel Brown on  April 7, 2015

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A blog by Caroline King, Group Head of Brand and Communications, Torus I’m writing this blog on the launch day of a new brand, Torus. Although we are only officially a few hours into Torus going live I’ve been awake since the early hours eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. As Group Head of Brand and Communications for Torus I feel a bit like a proud mum ready to wave her child off for their first day at school and hoping that everything goes as planned. Torus is the name of the new group formed by North West Housing Associations Helena

Have you not been to a CommsHero event yet?

Posted by Nathaniel Brown on  March 30, 2015

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Have you not been to a CommsHero event yet? a blog by John Popham Have you not been to a CommsHero event yet? If you haven’t you’ve missed out on a phenomenon. At CommsHero you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, challenged to stretch yourself, and given the confidence to push your ideas through. And it’s that last point which is most important to me. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself marooned outside your comfort zone without the support of a community of like-minded people. “Comms Hero is a day of extreme excitement where even the most hardened

5 Reasons to Attend

Posted by Nathaniel Brown on  March 27, 2015

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There are so many reasons why you should attend a CommsHero event. Here are just 5: 1. Meet with like-minded heroes You don’t have to work in Comms to come to CommsHero. Everyone has a marketing duty to their organisation, top down and bottom up! So everyone should have the opportunity to learn new skills and ideas that can improve internal and external communications. By attending CommsHero you are signing up to this and you’re in great company! 2. New Skills You’ll learn oodles of new Comms & Marketing skills that have been researched, tried and tested by fellow Comms