Damian VizardStrategic Communications Business Partner, Tai Colon Community Housing

Damian is a communications and marketing professional with over a decade of experience working in the Housing Sector and a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). He is passionate about change communication and is a visual communications expert. Before moving into the world of Housing, Damian ran his own business for three years, offering multimedia solutions. He is a Husband, a Dad of two, a drummer, a retro gaming nerd and an amateur barber.

Why did you say yes to become a CommsHero Ambassador?

I said yes to being a #CommsHero Ambassador as I’m a massive fan of Comms Hero. I thought it was an exciting, unique opportunity to shape and influence this year’s conference and get to know other comms heroes worldwide. (Also, The Comms Father made me an offer. I couldn’t refuse).