There's no I in team

There's no 'I' in team!

In this forever changing landscape, Amy explains why it’s so important to invest in building a dedicated marketing team that are available to support customers around the clock. Whether it’s via live chat on their website, social media direct messages or other non-traditional enquiry methods, her marketing team are always on hand to help as buying a home isn’t just a 9-5 job that is only done via phone calls or emails.

It’s a numbers game: under-utilised metrics for digital comms success

It’s a numbers game: under-utilised metrics for digital comms success

There’s Bounce rate, Views, Impressions, Engagement and more to measure… but what about the metrics hardly any comms teams use that show a direct impact between their hard work and positive results? After interviewing 100+ comms professions, Hayat Rachi, CMO at React & Share, will spill the secrets from her conversations to showcase under-utilised metrics that matter.

With Great Power Comms Great Responsibility

With Great Power Comms Great Responsibility

From an orphaned billionaire with a score to settle, to a kid bitten by a spider, all heroes have an origin story, and #CommsHero is no different. Ever wondered how the caped comms crusader community came to be? Well wonder no more as we’ll have our very own Stan Lee – Asif Choudry no less – in the hot seat to talk highlights, lowlights and plans for the future. It might not be Wayne Manor, but Resource HQ will be our backdrop, with batgirl Teela Clayton asking ALL the questions.

Mind the Gap: Identifying the Holes in Your Internal Comms Strategy

Mind the Gap: Identifying the Holes in Your Internal Comms Strategy

During this presentation, Jeff Corbin, senior strategic advisor for internal communications consulting at Staffbase and principal of ECA Consulting Group, sheds light on gaps to look out for in your organisation’s internal comms that may be depriving employees of important communications and information. Jeff will discuss how Staffbase clients such as BrewDog, Dreams, Sunbelt Rentals, and Max Mara Fashion Group were able to identify their communication holes and use technology and digital tools to ensure that their entire workforce is completely connected and informed.

This session will cover:
• The increasing complex landscape of Employee Communications Applications (ECA) and what this really means for the internal comms,
• The three steps to closing your communication gap
• And how to best match the appropriate communication tools to your organisation so that no employee is left behind

Sketchnotes & Visual Thinking - Fighting the pandemic information and Powerpoint overload with pens and pictures!

Sketchnotes & Visual Thinking - Fighting the pandemic information and Powerpoint overload with pens and pictures!

During the pandemic the rapid switch to remote working resulted in ‘Zoom/Teams Fatigue’ and information overload – too many PowerPoints!

In this session Disney-trained designer and visual facilitator Fran O’Hara will share how organisations can use hand-drawn images, tools and templates to create more visual-led work cultures and communications.

Fran will also lead a ‘bite-size’ introduction to sketch-notes and visual thinking skills session… So have your pens ready to learn how to create custom icons and your own visual Project Planning Template.

ESG in practice – An in-house case study

ESG in practice – An in-house case study

ESG, social value, sustainable development…these are the big trends of today. But how do you adopt a true ESG led approach? How do make it work with competing business priorities?

In her talk, Naomi will provide an in-house perspective and explain how even working for an environmental services company SUEZ had a lot to sort out internally.

Her talk will give an honest account of her journey and detail:

• How to implement proper governance
• How to integrate ESG into your business plans and how to do it with competing business needs
• Getting buy-in, engagement and ownership from the board to employees on the frontline
• The role of communications and avoiding the dreaded greenwashing tag
• Practical advice to get started

Whether you are at the start of your ESG journey or well on your way, there will be something for all communicators wanting to make a genuine difference.

How to future-proof your comms career

How to future-proof your comms career

Rachel Miller, Founder of All Things IC will be speaking about how to future-proof your Comms career.

During her session, she’ll be examining the importance of reputation, why your personal brand matters and the difference you can make to your career when you align your mindset and skillset.

You’ll leave with practical advice and inspirational ideas to try immediately.

From EDI to Sense of Belonging – Bridging the Gap through Ubuntu

From EDI to Sense of Belonging – Bridging the Gap through Ubuntu

In this thought-provoking piece, Kendi will draw from her research and experience to discuss why we should all be thinking about Sense of Belonging as alongside Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Taking a solutions-focused approach, Kendi will share tips on how EDI and Belonging initiatives can create greater value for organisations and deliver meaningful, sustainable change.

Join us in an authentic conversation about why belonging matters, as we ask:

How do we create more authentic enterprises?

What does sense of belonging look/feel like?

What about the protected characteristics?

How can we effectively address practices and structures that undermine sense of belonging among members of our workforce?

What can we learn from the African spirit of Ubuntu?

Global Women in PR panel debate event outline

Barriers to success – how can we overcome these to make lasting changes?

Join Global Women in PR for a three part panel debate discussing:

1. Key findings from its annual survey and the barriers women still face.
2. What are businesses doing to break down / tackle some of the barriers?
3. What are we doing as individuals?


About GWPR

Global Women in PR (GWPR) is a membership organisation of national networking groups whose members come from agencies, in-house and independents, plus global individual members.

Founded to connect, champion and support women in senior PR and Communication roles, they are a not for profit organisation driven by a desire to change the landscape for women working in our industry.

During this session, you will hear from:

Nicky Regazzoni

FPRCA, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, The PR Network


Susan Hardwick

co-Founder of GWPR


Alice Weightman

Hanson Search


Ana-Maria Diceanu

President Global WPR Romania and Founder & CEO Brain4Strategy


Lessons from 20+ years of Online Community Building

Lessons from 20+ years of Online Community Building

Comms and PR professionals have all the right skills to succeed in community strategy/building.

Everyone is talking about ‘online community’, but why do so few brands, businesses and organisations do it well?

In this session, Michelle will share learnings from 20+ in community strategy as a both a lecturer and a practitioner. She’ll highlight some examples of successful professional communities and share their secret sauce!


You’ll leave the session with some actionable tips for anyone wanting to build and sustain a successful professional community.

  • What is online community – and how it’s different from social media?
  • What is the business case for community?
  • What are the different types of professional communities?
  • The formula for community success – top tips for building and sustaining online communities