Ruqaiyah Hafeji-IqbalCommunications and Marketing Officer, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

Ruqaiyah is a public sector Marketing and Communications professional with seven years experience in NHS communications. She decided the #CommsHero life was for her after completing work experience in a Communications Team at just 15 years-old.

A first-class Advertising and Marketing graduate from Lancaster University Management School, Ruqaiyah has a keen interest in social media and new digital communications, but also enjoys the ‘old school’ joy of seeing her press releases, interviews and features published in print media. She loves facing new creative tasks and being pushed to use her initiative to find new ways of sharing important messaging and keeping a captive audience through brand image, reputation and design.

Having worked within mental health, acute, community and specialist NHS services, as well as NHS charities, she has a broad understanding of the health sector and is a self-proclaimed ‘NHS geek’. She also has a keen interest in increasing the diversity of the Marketing and Communications industry, particularly in the public sector, as is a champion of the work of women from ethnic minority backgrounds in the field.

Why did you say yes to become a CommsHero Ambassador?

As #CommsHeroes, so much of our role is behind the scenes, highlighting the achievements and singing the praises of our colleagues and the organisations we work for. The #CommsHero movement is a way to shine a light on the work we do, provide a network for us to support and share ideas, and spread positive vibes – why wouldn’t I want to be involved in something as special as that? I am very proud to be a #CommsHero ambassador, and can’t wait to see what new, exciting experiences this opportunity will bring!